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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a north bay family shows photos of a young baseball player injured by a line drive. what they're saying about safety as that 12-year-old recovering in the hospital. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. a 12-year-old little league player is hospitalized after being hit by a line drive. the young pitcher was struck
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hard right between the eyes, debra. >> reporter: ken, ever since it happened the little league community here in petaluma has rallied around this young player and his family practically lives at the hospital. >> he's trying to open his eyes. >> reporter: brendan o'neil's eyes hasn't opened in five days. >> he's hurting, you know he's on morphine. >> kaiser would not let our camera in so his family brought these photos out to show us. a broken nose and concussion. >> we heard that sound and it was hard. >> reporter: the sound that shocked everyone on this field tuesday night. brandon's pitch then the hard smack as it hit him. >> he remembers pitches it and that he had no time to react that it was at his face before he was finished with his follow through. >> reporter: surgeons have assured him he'll have his
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looks back once they repair the fractures in his face. >> he said yes i want to know if i'm going to look like myself. one of the doctors said and if you would like to look like justin bieber we can help you do that too. and brandon laughed. >> reporter: his high school league later switched from aluminum bats to wood for less velocity. >> there's no fault here. >> no. >> nobody is at fault here. >> reporter: the o'neils say they don't think a different bat would have mattered. that the same competitiveness that spirits his son on the field will push him through this. the first night his coach came to visit. brandon said, well how did we do. and we both looked at each other like brendan there was no more game after that buddy. the game was over. >> and they called it a tie. now later this week the local little league board will
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discuss brandon's injuries and consider safety with bats, protective head gear or putting the older player on a bigger field. we're live in petaluma, debra villalon. scott thompson's arrival created quite a mess when it was revealed he padded his resume. eric rasmussen tells us about the changes at the top. >> reporter: the news of scott thompson's exit was hardly a shock at silican valley. >> i think it was inevitable that he was going to step down. >> it took a while. i thought they were going to make this decision faster than that. >> reporter: thompson's resume included a computer science degree one he never earned.
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yahoo says ron levinson will become interim ceo. after a meeting this morning yahoo announced a settlement with his largest shareholder third point adding three new board members. in a statement about the changes yahoo's new chairman said the board is competent they will serve the best interest of our shareholders and further accelerate the advances the company has made since last august. but some experts say any recent games are jeopardized by this latest misstep in a long series of mistakes by the internet giant. >> yahoo is a very important company to both silican valley and the over all internet. it would be a shame to see it lose any more ground. >> reporter: scott thompson had announced plans to lay off 2,000 employees here at yahoo. it's not clear if that's still going to happen. thompson's salary was $1 million with millions more in potential bonuses and stock. the head of the hedge fund
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that pressured facebook. the new board is committed to working with new leadership to unlock yahoo's cig -- significant potential. we'll see how wall street reacts to the change at yahoo. the stock dropped a couple of pennys. resignations from yahoo is expected to quit this week for their roles in that disastrous trade that lost the company $2 billion -- resignations at j.p.
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morgan are expected to happen this week. diamond says the mistake will not destroy j.p. morgan and that it will earn a lot of money this quarter. meanwhile the chair vows to fix the loophole that allowed the risky investment to happen. jerry brown is set to unveil his revised budget plan after announcing the state faces an even bigger deficit than predicted. brown said the budget gap will grow almost $7 billion more than expected due to weak tax revenues and slow progress in cutting budgets. the projected shortfall is now $16 billion. tomorrow in los angeles, brown is scheduled to introduce a new fiscal plan and outline how he proposes to fill that budget gap. one effort to recall oakland major gene quan appears to be fizzling out.
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one plan has until tomorrow to collect signatured needed. there won't be enough time to gather all the required signatures. the southbound group has until july 2nd to -- the second group has until july 2nd to collect the needed signatures. despite indication that is the group had planned to leave, there had been word protesters would remove their farming equipment but instead the university says the group stayed overnight. the occupiers took over the land back on earth day and want to create a community urban farm. the project is set to begin on the land this week and the university wants those protesters wants. officials will quote do what needs to be done but did not get into specifics. inindonesia the search continues for the flight recorder from the airliner that
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wept down last week. the super jet 100 crashed into a dormant volcano during a flight that was intended to woo airline buyers. 55-year-old peter adler was on board. he leaves behind his wife of 23 years and his two children. it is not clear though if adler's body has been recovered. police have identified the victim of two fatal shootings on friday night a pair of gunmen chased then shot a man in the city's ocean view district. the victim is now identified as 24-year-old georgio joseph of san francisco. he died at the scene near plymouth avenue and broad streets. also on friday night a man who was fatally shot in the western edition. the san francisco examiner identifies himself tonight at james lee. a woman injured in the same shooting was hospitalized and is expected to survive. no airs have been made and no
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suspect information is available yet for the shooting victim. tomorrow, families have been slowly returning to the peninsula city to rebuild their homes. the city will mark their progress with a ceremony tomorrow night at 6:30 on clairmont drive between glen view and fairmont drives. the explosion killed 10 people and destroyed 38 homes. a few homes have been rebuilt and about 20 more are now under construction. the issue of same-sex marriage and president obama's recent announcement and support have been discussed at many pulpits. >> reporter: besides sound and scripture, reverend amos brown talked about same-sex marriage. the pastor said he sides with the president and more
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importantly with the higher power. >> reporter: at his church, some are a little surprised by this kind of revelation. >> even though we don't believe in it as christians, people have a right to do whatever they want to do and be happy. >> reporter: reverend brown says he wants to make it clear that he does not perform same- sex marriages in his church. >> let us be just as jesus was. >> reporter: on the morning talk show circuit, democrats defended the president. >> there's no political calculus in this because it's not as smart, if he's going to
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do it from a political point of view it does not make sense. >> reporter: but there's no gray area when it comes to marriage, say posers. >> everybody agrees in this country as a legal union marriage has to have the definition of one man and one woman. >> reporter: at third baptist they believe. >> reporter: in san francisco, lorane blanco. >> i have no doubt that in your lifetime liberties light will allow us to see more clearly the truth of our nation's founding principals and allow us to see all people and all couples as full and equal members of the american family. >> reporter: it was last tuesday when north carolina voters overwhelmingly approve add ban on same-sex marriage. in campaign 2012 news tonight, newt gingrich is back
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on the campaign trail. gingrich will back mitt romney. the former house speaker says question now is not which republican is the most conservative but who can win against barack obama. gingrich ended his own bid for the white house earl littler this month. ron paul supporters have disrupted another state gop convention, this time in arizona. arizona governor jan brewer gave the keynote speech. she urged unity for mitt romney. but when josh romney took the stage in support of his father he was booed and couldn't finish his speech. ron paul supporters recent that romney is the presumptive nominee. >> this is contrary what you guys in the media keep saying, romney does not have this in the bag yet. >> reporter: ron paul
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supporters have been flooding conventions recently. but paul has barely over100 delegates and romney is fewer than 200 delegates of clenching the nomination. and the chp means business when it comes to distracted drivers. just how many people right here in the bay area got nabbed during a recent crack down. there they go, the tour of california gets rollin [ man ] did we get anything good?
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i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. a wildfire burning out of control in california has now grown to 300 acres. the gladiator fire broke out this morning in a forested area in crown king about 85 miles north of phoenix. at least three structures have been destroyed and residents there have been evacuated from several different homes. strong winds are making the flames difficult to contain. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. officials in southern california are working on ways to replace electricity from the shuttered power plant. state energy officials have powered on two retired generators in the huntington
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beach area. the generators are meant to create power which was shut down three months ago due to equipment issues. that springtime hike you take along bay area trails could be dangerous if you don't watch your step. ktvu's jade hernandez has some advise on how to avoid being bitten from a rattlesnake which are very active this time of year. >> reporter: it's unusual for a bite like this one to happen in the water and in the park, but that doesn't mean it can't riley a friendly golden retriever spend the day at the regional park off leash, a dangerous move one that explained. >> the anti venon is about 1850. >> reporter: dr. menos says
11:47 pm
that pricey anti venon -- the baby rattler very alive and well bit the man on the thumb. >> i've been working for the park since 1993 and this is the first time that i have, this incident in the water that i'm aware of. >> reporter: riley's human parents say they come to the park well prepared for both the children and riley. >> if you carry your first aid kit that's always a great idea if you're hiking, in your backpack or in your car. >> if you see them something crawling, you call them back. not to go into some of the underbrush that you can't see. just kind of, you're supposed to be outside. you have to respect it, right. >> i think the frequency of those kind of things are so infrequent. i think the many times we've been out here we haven't had too many problems, we've really
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enjoyed it. as for the man that was bit in the park yesterday. we're told that his arm had turned purple by the time help had arrived we were told he was air lifted to air meden medical center. workers spent part of the morning cleaning up a big mess after an overnight crash in dublin. it happened on interstate 580 near eden canyon road. the driver of this big rig says the car was stopped in the fast lane with hiss lights on. by the time he saw the car it was too late. >> he was very close. i can't move to the other line and i hit the car. i don't know what happened. maybe ran out of gas, i don't know. >> reporter: it's unclear why the car was stopped. no one was hurt but several lanes had to be shut down to clean up oil that spilled from the truck. the numbers are in from the highway patrol campaign to crack down on distracted
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driving. last month chp officers issued 5,900 citations to bay area drivers. roughly 30,000 citations were issued statewide. the crack down was all part of the agencies it's not worth it campaign meant to remind drivers of the dangers of talking on the phone as well as texting while driving. drivers tired of potholes in oakland should soon get a smoother ride. the city has set up a goal to repair 600 potholes this month and next month. this week, the third week of the pothole bliss. more than 1,600 potholes have been fixed so far. today was the start of the am/gen tour of california. thousands were on hand to cheer on the riders and spend some money. the cheers and the cow bells sounds familiar to the start of
11:50 pm
the am gen tour. >> of the seven years we've been here six years it's a great town of cyclists. it's a great point that connects the bay area to other parts of the state and it's a city that really supporting the race. >> reporter: it's a great opportunity for spectators to take in a sight. >> some of those drivers were kind of crazy, they were going back and forth. >> reporter: but genie is not just a spectator, she owns this boutique on the rout. the cyclists made a lap through downtown before heading to sonoma county and along the coast. it cost santa rosa about half a million dollars. but they say the return on investment is huge. >> we believe it's $7 million. >> we believe it has a big impact on tourism. we believe it has an impact on $100 billion on our state. >> reporter: the large return on investment for cities is one
11:51 pm
reason so many vie to host a start or finish, am gen says more than 100 cities competed and only 15 with selected. >> to see which rider managed to avoid this big crash during the big stage, stay tuned for sports. and too see the rout for the tour of california stages you can go to our website and click on links on the top. why there is growing concern tonight that rescuers will not find him alive. a little later on a ktvu special report, are they good or not. we investigate prescription drugs and why some of them that say they are
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hope is fading tonight for dozens of searchers who are looking for a firefighter that went missing friday. searchers spread out searching for agent steven ivens. the 35-year-old man was distraught and possibly suicidal when he was last seen. they also say his gun is missing. >> we do searches like this routinely obviously. but we have special concerns given his apparent inclination to potentially commit suicide. investigators say they do not suspect foul play in the case. secret service director mark sullivan and acting inspector general charles edwards are scheduled to
11:55 pm
testify before the homeland security committee. as of now nine people have lost their jobs in the wake of the scandal. the hearing is set for may 23rd. in news of the world tonight in mexico authorities say it appears 49 bodies found on a highway leading to the texas border is the latest massacre in the brutal war between drug cartels. corpses of 43 men and six women were found with their heads, hands and feet cut off. the zetas cartel claims responsibility for the killing and a message left there at the site. the cartel took responsibility for an arson attack that killed 52 people. a morning fire in fukuyama killed at least seven people. three others were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. took firefighters three hours to put that fire out. about 20 people were staying at the hotel when the flames broke out an investigation into what started the fire is currently
11:56 pm
on the way. one witness says it sounded like bamboo trees splintering. in spain police in riot gear arrested people in madrid's puerta del sol. protesters are angry about the 25% unemployment rate. international reports say captain paul watson of the sea shepherds was arrested in germany over the weekend. the arrest stems from a confrontation on costa rican waters. watson is accused of trying to kill a grew on board a dun boat while he and his crew were looking for illegal shark finning vessels. come june a thug boat is
11:57 pm
scheduled to take the enterprise to the intrepid, sea air and space museum. we -- enterprise was the first vessel to be built but never flew in space because of design flaws. expired drugs but are they really expired. [ male announcer ] if you think any battery will do...
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consider the journey of today's athletes: ♪ their training depends on technology. [ beeping, ticks ] and when their devices are powered by a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell so whether they're headed for london or the journey has just begun... they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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they rely on copper to go for the gold. so what's in your medicine cabinet and how long has it been there? john fowler takes a look at the use by dates and what experts say you need to toss and what you can keep in tonight's
12:00 am
special report. >> reporter: like many of us, tammy cabr era takes medicine. in shelf after shelf we found medicine that was expired. this allery a year and half out, and a second one even older. >> i rarely look at an expiration date. i paid medicine for them so why throw them away. >> reporter: the vast majority, more than 90% drugs safe and effective years after the date of expiration. so what does this date really mean? >> we get calls all the time about can i take this expired medication. >> reporter: rozsivally
12:01 am
pharmacist larkspur says that you have to have proof of the shelf life. >> it often expects the stability, but based on the medication the potency decreases very small amounts so really no problem. but legally i can't tell them that. >> reporter: same with epipens or liquid antibiotics any life of death medicine. >> you should make no mistakes and not use the medicine after the expiration date. i don't think for many medicines that we're really talked about a safety issue. >> reporter: expiration dates means steady sales for drug companies. >> it allows them to predict manufacturers, it allows them to have i think what is a
12:02 am
pretty sound system. >> reporter: bayer for instance puts a two or three year expiration. but bay ers own testing found it perfectly safe to use after four years. gel caps can oxidize if exposed to moisture. consumers should use common sense. >> if your medication changes color and it begins to get spots on it it might be time to toss it out. >> reporter: taking out of date medicines might save you a few dollars but you run risks. >> it's sound care to look at the expiration date and act on it. >> health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. and if you have some
12:03 am
prescription drugs that are expired and you need to dispose of them be sure to go to our website and click on special reports to find out what you should do. no one is claiming drinking can improve your memory yet. but a national study is looking at whether a component of red wine could be used to treat alzheimer's. veretrol is found in red grapes, tomatoes and nuts. it's been found to spark an anti aging gene. the cooperative study will launch at 26 sites nationwide including stanford, ucsf and uc davis. researchers will compare patients given intensive doses of compound to patients given a placebo. >> those who deliver foods to seniors want everyone to consider how many elderly mothers may be going hungry. meals on wheels says it's research shows that more than 8 million seniors in america face a threat of hunger. and of those 8 million, 60% are
12:04 am
women. >> you get the face of senior hunger in america, she is an african american woman usually living by herself, she is raising her grand children, it's becoming an epidemic in america today. >> reporter: meals and wheels is getting help from celebrities. today is mother's day, and consumer are spending more to honor mothers. the average consumer spent just about $139 before the recession hit, this year it set a record at more than $150. most people spent money dining out, or buying cards or flowers or in my case a beautiful bracelet. according to the national partnership for women and families, california tops the list for its flexible leave program for pregnant women and working moms. california is also praised for
12:05 am
its flexible sick leave program in which half of an employee's sick days can go toward caring for a family member. connecticut came in second followed by new jersey. a new analysis finds student loans are not just a burden for the young. currently there's an estimated 37 million americans americans saddled with outstanding student loans. the consumer and financial protection bureau says outstanding student loan debt topped if $3 trillion mark last year. a grandfather sported a cap and grown as he graduated with a bachelor's degree. following pearl harbor, ball dropped out of school to serve as a fighter pilot in world war ii. after his time in the service he went back to school but had
12:06 am
to leave again to work with his father. recently he saw a commercial about the university's accelerated degree program. ball earned another distinction. the oldest person to graduate from arkansas tech. >> good for him. are you ready for some football? a little bit later in sports wrap, we'll show you the new faces looking to push the 49ers out of the top and ride
12:07 am
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you probably felt it today
12:09 am
a major drop off in temperatures, no more 90s. warmest locations in the 70s this afternoon all because of this that fog making a come back. you can see on the maps, the cloud bank really focused up to our north up to the north coast but still developing up in parts of sonoma county. we'll take a look at our buoys. right near the golden gate bridge. winds out of the of the southwest gusting at 21 miles per hour that will help import some of the clouds as we head into the overnight hours. this is what happens when you set audiotape camera for an hour and take a picture every 20 seconds. you get 180 frames, you get a beautiful time lapse like this with the setting sun that happened at 8:11. right now most areas are reporting cloudy skies, a few cloudy observations as well. here is a look at some of the numbers. napa at 70 degrees, the warmest locations in the upper 70s out toward livermore and also antioch. antioch yesterday is right around 90 degrees.
12:10 am
so a double digit cool down there. forecast headlines for tomorrow night, we do have partly cloudy skies, fog will be increasing. tomorrow it will be cooler with a sun cloud mix, the extended forecast a dry weather pattern and temperatures do warm up a little bit for tuesday. holding steady into wednesday. here is our forecast low. pretty chilly especially up in the north bay. you can see the mid- to upper 40s out there. san francisco at 50 degrees, san jose 49. and livermore right around 47 degrees. here is a set up in the pacific we've been watching this area of low pressure developing offshore over the past few days. this is the eventual trek. with that morning fog and the possibility of drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. especially coast side and right around the bay. skies becoming partly sunny through the afternoon. and temperatures will continue to cool off. that means the warmest locations only in the lower 70s. here is our cloud and forecast model, you notice it does increase some of the overcast first thing tomorrow morning
12:11 am
and the possibility of some drizzle once again. as we take this into the overnight hours, we start to get mostly cloudy skies with the chance of some drizzle. here are the numbers, not warming up too much. it'll still be breezy out there with winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 for your morning afternoon. san francisco 61 if you are headed to the coast side definitely bring the sweater or the jacket. there's the warm up for tuesday and into wednesday. we cool things back down by thursday. we warm things up by saturday. there's the roller coaster with temperatures. heather and ken if you're not happy with the temperatures tomorrow, wait a couple of days, things will be it could b morning for the tour through san francisco. >> that's a good
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the giants this year you know offense and clutch hitting has not been their strong suit. a look that things are changing. every big leaguer can tell you about their big day in a big league uniform. giants spotted the diamondbacks a run in the second but then took the lead in the third off
12:15 am
joe saunders. then melton cabrera singled. cabrera would pick up four hits in the day. giants at that point had built a 6-3 lead for barry zito. a moment colbertson will never forget with her mom rolling on her cell phone. for his first major league hit, that one for the trophy case, more importantly the giants made it two out of three in arizona. got back to an even 500. zito wins his second, the giants activated pitcherrierny outfield. in l.a. the dodgers matt kemp not happy about reinjuring. l.a. stays six games in front of the giants. the a's have been playing well but had a very tough assignment today at the
12:16 am
coliseum they had to take on detroit's justin verlander the american lease reigning mvp. a mother's day observant by jones. jared parker has impressed in his short oakland career. he kept the scoring close. austin jackson came home and the tigers had the lead. seth smith lead on. the a's second hit and it was 1- 1. parker got in trouble in the sixth and gave way to grant balfore walked jackson with the bases loaded. that was the ball game, fans clip pentington in the sixth. verlander goes 7 innings allowing just two hits for his fourth straight win.
12:17 am
the split of their four games in oakland. that's a tough set of circumstances to overcome. >> you go through of course the season, you have some games like this. you just have the guys that you run out there and start. you have to have the confidence in that they can finish the game. and you know we just came up short against three very good pitchers today. >> down a few guys today but that's what our team is about. picking each other up. so i thought we did a good job. pitching kept us in the game the whole game and kind -- but just couldn't get the big hit when we needed to. >> pettitte back on the mound after retiring in 2010. pettitte had not allowed a hit until a runner in the fourth. it's a couple of runs. pettitte ended up allowing six- runs. it's the rest of the tour
12:18 am
of california goes like today's first days the seventh version of the race will really be something. three time tour winner levy likeheimer will go 175,000 miles from one end of the state to the other when it's all down. wound its way down the scenic yet foggy coast before returning to santa rosa. peter segan and the liquid gas team with less than five minutes to go, segan punctured his tire, his support tame ka came to his aide but segan lost time. amazingly back in front. he also had to navigate his way through a crash during those t final hectic miles. was able to edge out houser. segan will wear the yellow
12:19 am
jersey tomorrow. mat cutcher headed to the player's open. kuchar was chasing when the day began. kuchar made the birdie put, put the pressure on his playing partner. naw wasn't up to the challenge. the hole pretty much wrapped up his day. here's his shirt shot and he takes a bogey after he chunked it. ricky fowler trying for his second win. gets himself within two strokes of the lead with this birdie on the famous island green on the tenth. kucher was feeling the heat he didn't show it. putting one hole behind. kucher would go 2-under par. by the time he got to 18, kucher could have three putted,
12:20 am
gets to celebrate the biggest win of his career with his family. tied at 2-strokes back. still to come on this early edition of sports late edition i should say i style everyone.
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the l.a. clippers had a chance on friday to put memphis away at home. when that didn't happen you had to figure the grizzlied had the momentum back home. zack randolph could tell you things don't always go as form. 29 points in the first quarter.
12:24 am
grizzlies up by three. now bledsoe with the drive and pretty move under the hoop. the clippers go on to win 82-72 taking just their first post season series. >> lebron james was given his third mpv apart. you better win when you get the hardware before the game. james shows off his mpv credentials. this time it'll be chaumers. does his thing again. the heat took demand of a close game. well if you've been itching for the 49ers to get back on the field ever since that rainy might in january. the wait is over.
12:25 am
the story of this week's rookie mini camp. >> reporter: they already started the ground work for the new 49ers santa clara stadium where just across the street they're trying to build a clampon ship team. one - - t o build a championship team. >> creative destruction. who that guy is, who that newcomer is. that new start up guy that's going to be more motivated. going to be talented. going to be hungrier. harbaugh wasn't impressed with the other all condition of the rookies and free agents, but first round draft pick aj jenkins loves what he sees from the organization. >> everybody is laid back and very cool. everybody is like a family tag team. >> jim harbaugh is laid back and team. >> no i'm talking about as far as the team. he's a very intense guy. he's very passionate. i can play with a coach like that though. >> reporter: smith has some
12:26 am
simple advice for these nubies. >> don't get it get to your mind. just come in and work and continue to do the little things. >> football is football. it's going to change a little bit. guys are going to be a little bigger, stronger but you know you're going to progress just from going from high school to college or you are just begin ago new chapter. >> he has a great look in the eye. gots an enthusiasm out here. he has a real life for football joe loonie is still recovering from a fractured foot but he could eventually fill a vacant seat. loonie trained with jeremy newberry. >> he was a good guy to get to know. he told me all about the area. it's cool to know somebody that plays here and knows your mentor also. >> reporter: just how much impact these new players will make remains to be seen. the 49ers don't need to start
12:27 am
from the ground up. the earthquakes saved the best for last. the quakes trailing chivas usa 1-0 late. alan gordon was there to head in the tieing goal. gordon had been inserted in the game. the goal came in the 89th. it ended the tie. the quakes are all alone in the west. three points back of real salt lake. l.a. kings continue to be the story of the stanley cup play offs. the eighth seeded kings in the opening game of their series against phoenix. dustin brown skates in and fires a shot. the kings go on to win. tuesday night again in phoenix. that will do it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good evening everybody. >> that's our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
12:28 am
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